Leads Capture

New clients visiting your website can now be automatically saved to your Bitrix24 CRM via our website widget. Now our online chat for your website has auto pop-up name, email & phone window.

The option is automated, no actions needed at your end.

First, when your client visits your website - he\she sees the widget this way:
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 1
Remember that you can customize the introduction message inside your widget settings.

When the client clicks on the widget icon, 3 options are unrolled: online chat, call back form & CRM web form. All of them can be configured under CRM > Website widget.
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 2
Online chat form first opens with a default welcome message. Below your clients will find the form where they can submit their request.
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 3
After the message is sent the lead (client) capture form will pop up, asking the user to introduce him- or herself:
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 4
When the website visitor will start typing the name, 2 additional fields - phone & email will pop up:
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 5
This lead capture form works both for the widgets embedded on your website & on widget public pages:
Zachytávanie zákazníkov - obrázok 6
The form you clients have filled will automatically appear inside your Bitrix24 CRM Open Channels.

Language preferences

You can select the language that will be used in the e-mail messages sent when your customer receives a message log requested or a new message notification in Open Channel Settings section.
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