LEAD is a CRM object containing information (phone number, e-mail, website, ...) of a person or company that has the potential to become a customer - to close a deal. Lead is the beginning of the process and the information contained in the lead can come from a business card collected at a conference or a phone call that comes to the sales department.
In Bitrix24 CRM you can easily create lead reports. For example, they reflect the total number of new leads (potential customers) and successfully converted lead-to-contacts or companies where sales managers are currently working on, or end up as "junk." The reports also include the activities of sales managers with potential customers. Bitrix4 helps evaluate marketing efforts on the one hand and sales team work efficiency on the other.

1. Fields on the Lead (potential customer) tab
  • Phases / Stages - leads can be assigned different phases / stages of the business process. At some point, the lead will either be removed from the system ("junk lead, not responding, unseccessful ...") or transferred to a contact, company or deal
  • Opportunity: estimated amount of potential deals
  • Source: the source from which the lead came to you. This information helps you track where you get the most new leads and on which channels you need to work.
  • Contact information: lead information (email, phone, date of birth, address, ...)
  • Possible products: products that seem to have a lead interest.
2. Custom fields - add custom fields (types: string, number, file, time and date, list)
3. Leads displaying - toggles between List, Kanban or Report.
4. Filtering - use search and filter options to categorize lead or group them according to a parameter (such as creation time).
5. Duplicate Scan - search for duplicates by full name, phone company name or email.
6. Adding Activities and History - add new tasks, emails, calls, visits, meetings, or past events to your leads. You can check each lead individually or findActivities under CRM> Activities and History under CRM> History.
7. Automation - launch business processes or add automation and triggers rules.
8. Reports - ready made or custom reports
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Manually - using the "Add" tab. The only required field is "Lead name" (it may not match the name and surname of the lead. It may be a product / service that a potential customer is interested in).
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Import - if you already have a potential customer list, you can import it to Bitrix24 in CSV format.
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If you don't know how the imported file should look, you can download the pattern from Bitrix24:
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