What is CRM?
(Or how to get and keep customers)

"Having satisfied customers is no longer enough. If you really want a thriving business, you need to make your customers a fantastic fan." (Ken Blanchard)
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Is your business a newcomer to the market? or Do you have trouble keeping customers? If you answered at least one question, please read on. We have a unique solution for you, with which you will not only get loyal customers, but also more efficient processes that will save you time.

Before we respond to what CRM is, we will show you how the business environment has changed, which has also influenced customer behavior over the past decades.

It was just recently - scarce goods, which long customer queries were waiting for in front of shops and limited services that people couldn't wait to see. Demand outweighed supply and entrepreneurs focused their attention only on the product or service. Businesses have approached their customers with TV spots, billboards and leaflets. But today the reality is different. Advertising lurks on consumers from all sides and consumers become immune to it. The supply is far above demand. The economics of scarcity was replaced by the economy of surplus. Numerous different vendors offer products and services to respond adequately to increasing customer demands. Today's customer wants from businesses to know him in advance and to know his secret desires. Therefore, getting a customer is very difficult today.


The answer is clear. You already have customers. They are your current customers. According to research, it is up to 6 times more difficult to find a new customer than to satisfy the current one. Therefore, focus especially on your current loyal customers and offer them everything they want. Obviously, loyal customers make the business more profitable and make the business a better advertising that is free of charge. If the customer knows that he is well cared for, he likes to come back and is willing even pay pay extra.


The solution is CRM. In the following, we will focus on explaining the CRM acronym and the importance of CRM today.


The acronym CRM originated from the acronym of the English name Customer Relationship Management, ie the customer relationship management. Just CRM will help you quickly know your customers, their needs and wishes, and respond accordingly.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management is the solution for keeping business customers of all sizes

Many businesses think the CRM system is designed for large corporations only. Yes, it was in the past because the implementation and operation of these applications was very expensive. With an increase in the number of companies offering a comprehensive customer relationship management system, CRM systems have become available to small businesses. At the moment, we can even say that even small businesses can no longer work without CRM. If you are a small business, believe it or not, by getting a lot of information from customers, you can easily distinguish yourself from the competition with relatively small expenses.


As CRM evolved over time, the types of CRM systems that differed in the use of computer technology and the degree of process automation were also developing:

  • paper database system - paper-based document storage,
  • solution built on MICROSOFT OFFICE - automated filling of templates, forms and spreadsheets,
  • contact management and time management programs - electronic customer card in the form of a database,
  • complex CRM e-systems - modern systems including sales activity automation, marketing activities, service activities and customer support and e-commerce.


We can find a lot of CRM definitions in the literature. From a broader perspective, CRM represents a change in the philosophy of thinking that focuses on building and supporting long-term customer relationships. From a narrower perspective, CRM is a system of programs that allows a business to acquire, collect, sort, and process customer information. They enable you to get to know and understand the needs and wishes of your customers first and then to anticipate them later. The significance of CRM is therefore unmistakable. Therefore, CRM should become an integral part of any business that depends on the satisfaction of its customers.

Complex CRM Systems (CRM Software)

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CRM software thanks automation, centralization and synchronization of information increase the efficiency and productivity of business processes. CRM systems capture all information about your customers, including their interactions with you in the form of mail or telephone communications. This information is then stored and sorted to make it easier for you to access it. Based on the information you receive, you get insight into your customers' buying behavior and can better target your ad to them.

For example, if a customer has ordered a ski carrier in winter, you can send him a special bicycle discount newsletter before delivery. The customer will be pleased with the discount and you will save your time and money with this targeted advertising. Last but not least, you increase your business profit.

The benefits of CRM are not only in improving customer service, but also in improving business efficiency. As CRM combines a multitude of programs, it allows users to manage a business from just one place. With just one software, you will be able to communicate with the customer, respond to emails, make notes, or organize your business day. And never again will you transcribe the same data into different programs. The importance of CRM in the company is therefore considerable.

If you are still considering whether the CRM system is worth implementing in the enterprise, we offer a summary of its biggest benefits.

What are the benefits of CRM systems?

  • CRM configurability,
  • use of only one software for everything (contacts directory, email communication, task scheduling, deal evidence, projects, attendance records, etc.),
  • overview and order in all customer information (identifying key customers and their needs, detailed customer profile by keeping communications, quotes, purchases, and orders history),
  • security of customer information in CRM,
  • building loyalty with customers,
  • increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns,
  • shortening the sales cycle,
  • managing business processes from anywhere using CRM application,
  • simplify business processes,
  • reporting,
  • and many other benefits you will find out after successful implementation of CRM system

To find out, which CRM to choose from a wide range of CRM systems, read THIS blog.

If you are interested in improving customer service in addition to streamlining all business processes and thus taking advantage of all the benefits of CRM systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!
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