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Improper communication is becoming a threat to many businesses. Not only large but also small businesses are fighting inefficient communication. Their employees rely on Skype, email, or other online means of communication to solve their tasks.

We can say that we are increasingly addressing our work tasks digitally today. For example, such an average office worker gets more than 120 business emails a day and sends approximately 40 emails a day. Although e-mail is a good servant, it is often slow and unorganized. This is also confirmed by a study by Carleton University, which surprisingly found that people spend up to 17 hours a week reading work emails! This has become the basis for the creation of business communication tools such as instant messaging, workgroups and internal social networks. Below, we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Group chat programs

Smaller businesses with 9 to 12 employees will also need a simple group chat software. Instant messaging is faster than email and supports collaboration. While e-mail facilitates information exchange, instant messaging supports real-time dialogue. However, simple group chat programs can be inefficient for larger businesses because the discussion is growing too fast and unorganized.

2. Chat for working groups to coordinate teams and projects

Workgroups are connecting designated users to virtual communities based on projects or other criteria. They are best suited for medium or large enterprises, where the organizational structure is made up of closely linked project-centered teams. On the other hand, small working groups who want to be highly organized can also benefit. Group chat platforms have been found to consolidate formal working relationships, allowing managers to create "healthy relationships" between managers and employees, keeping employees on the job, and knowing who is at work. For example: The advertising agency is made up of different teams working on different tasks. One team is in charge of web app development, the other is responsible for content while the other is doing ads and video. Each team has to coordinate projects internally. Multiple teams can work on the same project at the same time, such as building an ad campaign for customer. Organizing communication with a chat program at both team and project level can be quite challenging. Creating workgroups for specific projects allows creating an effective communication.

With a simple chat program, organizing can be challenging. Creating working groups and specific projects will enable effective communication. Several teams can collaborate on the same project at the same time, such as building an ad campaign for a client.

3. Internal Social Network

Working groups work best on project work. However, many businesses operate in a more dynamic environment. You will know, you need to communicate with two departments at the same time, tomorrow with another two or three at once. In the past, people usually used email for such a random communication. Because of the weaknesses of emails (e.g. crowded inbox), email becomes time-consuming. On the other hand, the internal social media network, however, enables fast, flexible and targeted communication organized through contacts with criteria. Indeed, McKinsey has found that using social media can reduce the amount of time it takes to find internal information by up to 35%. As a result, employees can focus on their work, not on managing their mailbox. However, the internal social media network enables fast, flexible and targeted communication organized through contacts and other criteria.

Focus on the needs of your business when choosing communication tools

Remember, it is really necessary to organize internal communication in your business. Current markets are becoming increasingly competitive and businesses that are not in line with the trend will end. Businesses are losing millions because of poor communication! And yet, by improving communication, businesses can increase productivity and be more competitive.

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