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According to a study by Ernst and Young of 2015, working flexibility for employees is becoming more and more interesting. By 2020, teleworking should replace office work.

Teleworking provides many benefits to both sides of the employment relationship, i.e. employers and employees. On the other hand, it also brings with it a number of problems. Teleworkers - employees working remotely are unable to fully integrate into the enterprise. And employers, on the other hand, are not able to assess the productivity and efficiency of teleworking.

Teleworking is a relatively new phenomenon, so far we do not have enough information available to support this transition. However, once you become part of a virtual team, management will bring you amazing results in your business and employee welfare.

Here's how to make teleworking a benefit for both sides:

  • Simplify communication

Despite the widespread of social media applications, we still unconsciously desire a real personal connection. Body language makes it easier for us to understand and empathize with the other person. Many people do not feel that they are talking to a real human being when writing text messages. And that is why the choice of communication tools is essential for creating a real connection between employees and ensuring that the guidelines are perceived correctly.

Bitrix24 offers a variety of communication tools such as video conferencing, group chat and instant messaging to make your employees an indispensable part of the team. You can stay in touch with team members, provide real-time feedback, and meet with unlimited attendees. At the same time, accessing many communication tools gives employees a sense of security as they know they can contact you at any time to share their problems.

  • Be a great coordinator

With many team members and tasks to fight for your attention, work can easily turn into a nightmare. Remote team managers often complain that they can't control what their team members are doing. Telework is based mainly on the idea of trust. You just have to believe that the work will be done. So how do you keep the project on track while giving your team members enough flexibility?

Bitrix24's job management features offer you a range of tools to easily control a remote team. By scheduling tasks in advance and assigning them to team members ensures that every employee knows what's on the agenda. Then you just follow the task progress.

  • Accept the corporate culture

The biggest challenge for remote management team is to make people feel part of the team. You can be a member of the team on paper, but it is the overall atmosphere in the business that makes you feel accepted and supported. Being part of a corporate culture helps remote employees keep motivation because they are looking for a vision and brand value.

Bitrix24 works just like social networking. Includes button like, announcements, even conversations. When used by remote employees, they become a real part of the team. Once we were in an open office to connect with our collaborators, Bitrix24's social intranet creates the same office environment in the digital space.

  • Keep track of productivity

To gain mutual trust and to integrate employees into corporate culture is a long-term issue. Also, as a business owner, you want to make sure that a business is making a profit and projects are being finished.

With Bitrix24 and Time Tracking Tool, you can add the estimated time to complete the task. Time tracking gives employees enough personal freedom to plan their day while giving a clear picture of productivity and profitability.
riadenie tímov

  • Fight time differences

Planning team meetings or even Skyping can be often difficult, especially if your team members are scattered around the world. Therefore, often, managers must accommodate teleworkers and work beyond normal office hours. Now, the differences in time zones are the main reason why many businesses are still reluctant to employ employees remotely.

Although it is not possible to change the time zone differences, Bitrix24 can help you coordinate schedules. With a shared calendar, you can allow employees to access manager's plans so that they can book individual meetings. Another feature that simplifies task management is task reports. Task reports collect all the information about the tasks you submit, providing a comprehensive overview of the project. The task overview saves time for both employees and managers as they minimize the need for daily inspection meetings.

  • Promote employees' career and ambition

Finally, teleworkers are not different from office workers. They have their goals and ambitions and they also want a career progression. The role of the manager is to help people develop personally and professionally to gain further motivation to stay in the business. It is true that many teleworkers do not see all the opportunities the company offers. That is why the teleworkers often do not stay with the companies.

When team members regularly see their future linked to the future of company, they become highly committed and motivated and tend to stay longer with the same employer. Bitrix24 enables you to build a consistent relationship with remote employees using a variety of communication tools and task management features.

Finally, learning to manage remote workers requires a lot of effort and patience. With Bitrix24, you can overcome all challenges and build a productive team!

Bitrix24 is a free HRIS solution with more than 25 HR tools, such as private social networke, absences chart, shared calendars, document management, storage resume, employee portal, holiday requests, employee workload planning or project and task management.

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