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Can't you all be in one office, do you need to work from different locations, at different times, or do you work from home?

In this case, it may be difficult to keep the entire company and all employees "in course" and to manage the entire company and all internal and external employees, check the progress of deals and projects, and control the individual tasks performance "with the clear overview".

The good news is that in today's digital age you have a choice!

Either you can organize personal meetings and breafings and bind your workloads and working time, share all the important information and share important documents via emails, which can be easily overlooked by interested employees with because of a large number of emails proceeded per day ...

or ....

You can use an intranet - 2 in 1 solution:

1. Central Information Base Online - a place to find the latest news and share all the important information, documents and business management tools for deals, projects and CRM

2. Social network-based social intranet for active interaction, collaboration and communication among employees online, from any location, anytime, in any time zone.


An intranet can be defined as a "corporate portal that contains all the information that makes the company work".

In today's digital era, the corporate intranet is becoming one of the most powerful tools for:

  • maintaining and increasing employee productivity,
  • linking colleagues and teams from anywhere, anytime, not just to work,
  • open communication and transparent corporate culture.


Until recently, only large companies used the intranet, but today the intranet has become an indispensable tool for effective corporate management and human resources management.

In many companies, an intranet for corporate culture is a whole new element because employees either do not know that an intranet exists or cannot use it.

If the intranet is good and has been implemented correctly in the company, employees feel the "pulse of the company", have up-to-date information and know what's going on in the company.

What do you imagine under the term CORPORATE INTRANET / BUSINESS INTRANET?

Under the intranet term, most of us will initially imagine the two basic types of intranet, the traditional intranet as an disarranged archive of documents or a social intranet in the form of a social network in the „Facebook„ style ????
Traditional intranet - data storage

  • The traditional intranet is an outdated, almost inefficient form of intranet, as it only fulfills the data storage function, which contains a disarranged number of folders and files that are difficult to navigate and documents become relatively outdated. At the same time, only one-way top-down communication works.

  • In addition, the traditional intranet is not only costly (development and deployment take several months), but it is also challenging for intranet management (you need a professional intranet administrator)
Social intranet - corporate social network

  • It is a modern intranet that is also a social intranet. In contrast to the traditional intranet, the social intranet offers many tools to which employees are used to from active use of social networks such as Facebook (... likes, following, mention, tags, comments...), which gives them more ways to work together than a traditional intranet.

  • But it's not "Facebook at work" ????, it would be useless in the company ...

  • There are many useful work tools like employee directory, organizational chart, self service portal, company documents, internal helpdesk, leave requests, absence calendar, employee time management...

What are the basic benefits of BUSINESS INTRANET?

  • Easy access to information,
  • Smooth flow and information sharing,
  • Two-way transparent communication,
  • Employees' appreciation not only financially but also morally and at the right time,
  • Better people-to-people relationships,
  • Corporate Culture - Employees are part of the community,
  • Data security,
  • Reduce intranet management costs,
  • And many other benefits ...

Choosing a suitable INTRANET

It is very important that you understand its meaning and the benefits it can bring to you and your expectations. This will help you to save costs that you would invest in a non-productive solution.


Recent development trends are changing rapidly in the area of corporate intranet, and only the high-quality sophisticated software solutions can flexibly adapt to these new trends. Therefore, when choosing a suitable intranet, it is necessary to know the development potential of the company intranet supplier, which is ultimately closely related not only to the competitive advantage but also to the need for additional investments.

On the other hand, it is important to know the other benefits that a particular intranet solution can bring us compared to competing solutions in order to objectively evaluate the quality / price ratio.

Do you know INTRANET 2.0 - the most advanced intranet?

Intranet 2.0 is a solution that differs significantly from traditional intranets.

1. Intranet 2.0 is a social intranet, promotes collaboration and peer-to-peer interaction,

2. Intranet 2.0 provides centralized access to business tools used on a daily basis, such as documents, project management, or CRM,

3. Intranet 2.0 includes an extranet, a place „outside your intranet" where your employees can communicate securely with customers, comfortably and safely, without leaving the intranet.


Bitrix24 INTRANET 2.0

Bitrix24 INTRANET 2.0 is completely free for small teams up to 12 users and works immediately. In larger companies, Intranet 2.0 is very affordable and its implementation is also very fast.

Haven't tried it yet?
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So, finally, to summarize in a simple equation what the intranet can bring to you and your company:

High-Quality Corporate Intranet =

= Productive and Loyal Employees =

= Good Working and Prosperous Company

You can read more about Bitrix24 in the CRM blog (read HERE) or remote management team (read HERE).

Author: Zuzana Rybovičová

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